Model: KW-9008G-B
Preview: 1/4/9 Picture
Hard disk interface: 1PCS 8T
Decoding ability: 9 channels + single network port
Parameter: Support VGA and HDMI simultaneous display; output resolution: 1920*1080
·Can be connected to 9 channels of 5MP cameras;
·Support dual stream;
·Support preview and playback capture;
·The video playback is displayed with a time bar, and the video type is indicated by color, which is convenient and quick to retrieve video data;
·Video backup can be backed up according to the time and length of time, the backup can be accurate to the second;
·Support batch modification of front-end IPC address and remote addition of front-end equipment;
·Can be connected to network cameras and network domes; supports multiple versions of ONVIF protocol;
·Can be connected to the mainstream brand IPC (private agreement and standard ONVIF) in the market;
·The preview screen can be changed at will, the image position changes, and the physical address remains unchanged, which is convenient for project construction;
·The videos and pictures backed up by the U disk can be played back directly on the host for query, providing more convenience;
· Support H.264/H.265/ H.265 + (HEVC) camera;
·Support WEB, VMS management software, support Android/IOS mobile phone software;
Support P2P, support QR code scanning, support mobile APP playback video;
Price: USD 26.67

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